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MOLN Scholarships

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Educational Scholarships

MOLN is happy to announce we can continue to provide scholarships for our members. Scholarships supported by nurses through spring and fall conference fundraisers help our members advance the profession of nursing through continued academic programs. This great example of nurses supporting nurses has provided tens of thousands of dollars in financial aid over the past 25+ years.

The purpose of the MOLN educational scholarship is to:

  • Assist MOLN members in obtaining formal educational degrees to advance their leadership skills and expertise.
  • Assist RN students in completing their basic nursing education.

The annual deadline for application is August 31.

Download the Application Packet

Includes eligibility requirements, application form, and instructions.

Past Scholarship Recipients

Year Amount Awarded Recipients
2023 $1,500 & $1,000 Mark Becknell ($1,500), Traci Moreland ($1,000)
2022 $1,000 Melissa Fritz, Melissa Rock, Jessica Vagle
2021 $1,000 Tasha Flicek, Melissa Fritz, Melissa Rock
2019 $1,000 Fernande Deno,Tasha Flicek, Julie Oss and Sheryl Vugteveen
2018 $1,000 Sara Ayres, Nicole Hickman, Ashley Louise Yager and Anna Sanchez
2017 $1,000 Jessica Delzer, Marla Frahm, and Stephanie Gingerich
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